What Causes the Weed to Age?

We have alluded to some causes of the weed ageing, but let us go ahead & break these issues down in the clear terms.


The high temperatures will hasten degradation of cannabinoids & terpenes. Normally, you must ensure the cannabis seeds weed storage area does not get much hotter than above 25.5ºC. Quite enough, it is because environment between 25.5 to 30ºC is prime for the mildew & mould growth.


The persistent UV light can land the heavy blow on impact on the terpenes, THC, or other cannabinoids. It is problematic in the tropical areas, and where this joins forces with the humidity & heat to harm the stash.


You need to maintain the precise balance while it comes about humidity and cannabis. Suppose your storage technique introduces a lot of moisture, you run a risk of the mould infestation. Suppose it is not isn’t humid enough, terpenes & cannabinoids may end up totally withering away. Whereas they are very different outcomes, unpleasantness will be equal between both of them.

How to Store Weed & Keep It Fresh

Now you know the trouble part, you have to learn how you can defend yourself as well as keep the weed fresh. Thankfully, it is an easy process for you, and you might already have the whole thing that you want to start storing the weed for the longer time frame.

Container Materials

Finally, whereas many are not even aware about this, the container’s base material will have the direct impact on the weed’s ageing process. You need to see, many place the weed in the plastic containers, material will cause stash to “sweat”. It means, with the actual sweating, the plant can release the inner moisture. It will end up harsh and dry. Journey to right cannabis storage starts with post-harvest curing procedure.

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