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It’s more fun than ever now to enjoy watching TV in all the convenient ways at your disposal.  It is easier to see the shows you’ve always loved to watch, the new ones you want to see, and know that you never have to miss any of them because of the technology Time Warner Cable TV brings your way every hour of every day 365 days a year. Running through all your options, your favorite primetime shows are a good place to start. A lot of people purchase cable TV and never explore all the options they have with the remote and their on-screen guide.

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It’s easy to look around and see that there’s a lot of rivalry in every aspect of life whether in the workplace on the job, within a family, or in sports, but when it comes to the three services that Time Warner Cable offers, there is no rival.  No other provider can begin to compare to what they can offer in home entertainment with over 10,000 choices in On Demand movies and shows to see at home, or you can even get it to go!  If you look at the TV service you can get with your satellite company, the difference is like night and day when you compare the features and level of quality service you can receive with Time Warner Cable TV.

Buy yourself a ticket to the action when you subscribe to “no fee” HDTV with 8000 HD selections to choose from. Nobody else has that many high definition programs to choose from, so top that! From action thriller movies to kid shows, the contrast of programs stretches as far as the east is from the west. Turn your living room into a theater with 3D Channels from Time Warner Cable TV.

When it comes to other providers, especially the satellite companies, one would think they must be envious of all the features you can have with the service from Time Warner Cable TV. No other provider offers so many features that enhance their user components. Once you experience what a DVR can do for the TV capabilities of your household, you will never want to be without it for every recording need you may have.  There are just those times when the TV schedule and your schedule won’t jive, and recording will be necessary, not to mention how convenient a DVR can be to use. 

Most people experience two or more shows that they want to watch that air at the same time several days a week, or there may be some times when your schedule is just way to busy to be in front of a TV or to take an hour or two out of your day to catch a show on your computer or smartphone. That is precisely when you need the help that an HD-DVR can give you.  You may not believe this, but customers get to decide which way they want to record, SD or HD. The DVR will store up to 80 hours of standard def programming and 25 hours of HD shows to watch on your own time. Enjoy many of your favorite Sports Programs!

A DVR gives you the flexibility to pause live shows for up to one hour while you run to get a pizza or prepare and eat your dinner. Customers who also have Time Warner Internet will be able to manage and control their DVR recordings online from a PC or smartphone.

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Kids are so tuned to television and technology that parents have to be really careful when they are not around to monitor what their children watch on TV. Time Warner Cable TV is a family-friendly service and their parental control tools and resources are exceptional at keeping an eye on your youngsters at a time when the challenge has never been greater. When using your hand-held remote and your set top box, settings are a breeze. Parents can block any program that is rated TV-PG, TV-14, or TV-MA.

Another easy user option for control allows parents to block a specific show or all the episodes of an entire season that they feel is unsuitable due to content, violence, or language. Other unsuitable programming may air late at night or after primetime.  Sometimes you may simply want the kids to get their homework from 4-6pm before dinner and before you get home from work.  If that’s the case you can also block out programs by time slots. The last selection to choose to block is a channel block.  Parents can block entire channels as a way to keep TV viewing under control and in line with parental desires. After the kids hit the sack, use you PIN and lift the restrictions to have your preferences restored to what you want to watch. Use your OnScreen Guide to access many of these settings!

Don’t settle for less than perfect when it comes to your home entertainment. Get the service you deserve from Time Warner Cable Digital TV.

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