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Time Warner Cable


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Download speeds up to 50 Mbps

Includes Firewall & Anti-virus protection

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Time Warner Cable

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Time Warner Cable® Packages

Best Package in Town – Time Warner Cable TV

Everybody loves a little TV now and then and lots of people love it just about all the time. Watching television is the ultimate US pastime, with almost every household having at least one if not more TV’s. Making TV more fun and exciting, giving customers more choices, and bringing them the hottest shows and live events is what Time Warner Cable TV brings to millions of households across the nation as they package the right deals to save customers money while offering unbeatable service.

The best possible package offer available right now bar none, will only cost you about three dollars a day for all three services of Time Warner Cable TV, Time Warner Cable Internet, and Time Warner Cable Home Phone depending on your service area. Channels and prices vary slightly from service area to service area so customers should call for the exact package prices in their specific area. This special Triple Play service package will apply to your first 12 months of service and includes a DVR with your TV service.  Customers interested in this spectacular pricing should act quickly as package prices change.

This is just one of many packages offered from Time Warner Cable.  Customers can build a plan with their own choice of services, use an already packaged plan and then add on special premiums like Time Warner Sports Pass, Time Warner Cable Movie Pass, Time Warner Cable HD Pass or Time Warner Cable 3D Pass. Choices are infinite whether it’s how you package your services, which premiums or components you wish to add on like HD with DVR or WiFi , or which internet speed you need to satisfy your online activities.

Time Warner Cable TV subscribers can choose from over 10,000 hit movies and primetime shows to watch online or on their TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Additionally available are more than 1000 HD programs accessible on your TV, PC, or Smartphone with a mobile app.  Stand alone Digital TV with DVR and HD are available for a limited time at an unbelievably low offer price of $64.99/mo for 12 monthss with the additional trial offer of HD premium tier channels.  Packages can include services or additional features with a single service.

Time Warner Cable TV is tuned into the things that ensure their packages meet the desires of the customer in service areas. For instance, they offer packages with local On Demand programming that includes things like local high school sports in your area from football and basketball to soccer. Other local shows like car repair, highlights of local people, history, and places to eat and shop, educational opportunities, and entertainment as well as government are also featured specific to the service area. This exclusive service offered by Time Warner Cable TV is provided for no additional fees. Check out all the great sports packages here.

Phenomenal TV is not the only fascinating component of a Triple Play package. The Time Warner Cable Internet that comes with the package is faster than the blink of an eye and includes Parental Control and antiviral software with no extra charges. High speeds up to 50Mbps and an always on connection will have you online in no time.

When you get Time Warner Cable Internet at your house, you’ll be elated at how fast your kids will finish their homework so they can jump online for some fun. The things that kids do online normally require a lot of bandwidth for their online activities like streaming videos, interactive gaming, and file sharing.  Speeds that come with your Triple Play Package are fast with Time Warner Cable Internet, 5 times faster than DSL .  You’ve never had internet so good!

Because people, including a lot of kids, need a huge amount of bandwidth, Time Warner Cable Internet offers a new kind of speed called wideband with up to 50Mbps of super speed. Customers can upgrade their packages to include the speed they need. Large files that used to take forever to download, can now finish in seconds. There’s so much bandwidth to share, it’s like no other internet connection you’ve ever had.  When it comes to speed, value and service, Time Warner Cable leaves DSL in the dust.

The advanced Parental Control tools from Time Warner Cable Internet have significant features that allow parents to set filters and custom profiles for each child according to their age.  You’ll be able to prevent access to content from sites in categories like weapons, adult content, chat, dating, and social networking.  Parents are in control of the restrictions and Time Warner Cable Internet will keep an eye on your children even when you can’t.

Computer threats and intruders are always trying to get into your internal registries and files, but every Time Warner Cable Internet subscriber is protected with an inclusive internet security suite to take advantage of. The package is filled with all the necessary elements like anti-virus protection, a firewall, ad blocker, anti-spyware and anti-spam components. All internet packages have the protection you need whether it is included in a Triple Play package, a Double Play package, or a stand alone.

It’s important to share the good news about the Time Warner Cable Home Phone part of your Triple Play package as well. Your family will love all the neat features that come with a Time Warner Cable Home Phone. Once you get your new service you may want to call up with all your old friends and family you haven’t been able to talk to in a while.  Every call you make within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico is a “no fee” call. The other fantastic thing about your bundled phone service is the totally free calling features

Offering a package of Time Warner Cable TV, Time Warner Cable Internet, and Time Warner Cable Home Phone together into a great big bundle full of savings is just the thing customers love.  Show yourself some love and get the TV, internet, and phone service you’ve always wanted wrapped into one fabulous package that comes on one easy to understand bill and stays the same every month. Time Warner Cable is a complete package!