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Time Warner Cable


Starting at $29.99 per mo. for 12 mos.

Up to 200 Digital Channels

Enjoy No Fee HD, On Demand, and more!

Watch your favorite sports and events!

Time Warner Cable


Starting at $14.99 per mo. for 12 mos.

Download speeds up to 50 Mbps

Includes Firewall & Anti-virus protection

Great for online gaming and more!

Time Warner Cable

Home Phone

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Get Caller ID on your TV and your PC.

Keep your existing phone number

Call Waiting, Forwarding and more!

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Kingman ME Time Warner Cable- Keeping the Peace

On the nights when you want to run away from home, make some downtime for yourself with Time Warner Cable Kingman ME. It’s ok. Really.

Decide if the Time Warner Cable TV Promotional Offers in Kingman Maine will work for you.

Kingman Maine Time Warner Cable Offers children’s programming, including cartoons, family shows, and educational channels that will help them sit still (for a little while, anyway). This programming can help occupy them to reduce the noise level in your home, giving you a much-needed break. Time Warner Cable even offers Parental Controls. You can still go about your nightly routine without having to peak in, or stop to listen to see what is playing on the TV.

You can send them to Grandma’s house for the evening and choose from thousands of selections, including new movie releases, Primetime On Demand programming, and hundreds more. You can access these channels and more by using the On Screen Program Guide.

There is a wide selection of HD content to choose from. Not only do you get some peace and quiet, but you get it in stunning HD clarity. And get even more with the new 3D offerings from Time Warner Cable TV.

Don’t worry about that show you missed, if you have Time Warner Cable. The Time Warner Cable DVR or HD-DVR can record hours of your programming, from several channels at one time. You can play this content back when your children are sleeping. If you do happen to watch it while they are awake, don’t worry about missing something. Your Time Warner Cable DVR or HD-DVR can rewind, pause and fast forward, allowing you to watch or listen as many times as necessary.

Time Warner Cable Kingman ME Has the Hookup

Busy social lives require an internet service that can keep up. Time Warner Cable can meet that demand and exceed expectations with up to 50 Mbps. Go wireless with stable WiFi that can connect up to five devices at one time. Play with your newest tablet, iPhone, gaming console, SmartPhone or laptop from any room in the house.

No matter the age group, Time Warner Cable has online protection covered. Get a built-in security suite that blocks viruses and protects personal information. Block bad sites, monitor online conversations and set time limits for the children. This service has it all.

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Put the Kids on With Grandma

Pick a service that is affordable, reliable and easy to use. Kingman Maine Time Warner Cable offers home phone services for unlimited local and long distance calling. This means that the grandparents can talk to their little darlings anytime they want to.

Manage your home calls with a service that provides free digital features. Time Warner Cable offers Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Rejection and more. Other features include Caller ID on the TV, Caller ID on your computer, Visual VoiceMail and other options that make it easy to see who is calling.

Need to make International calls? Do it with Time Warner Cable and save even more.

Bundle Your Bill For Savings

Put your money in the smart investment. Use Time Warner Cable digital services and get discounts and savings that could equal up to hundreds a year. Kingman Maine Time Warner Cable can provide three quality services, on one monthly bill, for one set monthly rate.

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