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Time Warner Cable Internet Deals Answer Your Need for Speed

The Latest in Customer Information You Need is in Your Inbox

If you like to keep up with the latest new bells and whistles that enhance your Time Warner Cable service making it more fun, easier, and more exciting to use but don’t like to have to search the whole internet to find it, there’s a feature you are going to fall in love with. Time Warner Cable Internet Offers customers the opportunity to go online and sign up to receive a monthly e-newsletter and get emails sent to their inbox with up-to-date relevant information that pertains to their service.

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The email feature gives customers exclusive access to first-hand information on new enhancements and features as soon as they become available, like the recently released platforms they have launched such as Look Back, 3D TV, Caller ID on your PC and Whole House DVR. Customers can get the latest news on services even before the press gets a hand on them. Other emails will focus on program highlights from networks you already have with your service, special deals, community events, plus customer exclusives in ticket discounts. Sign-up is simple and easy, providing exclusive and useful benefit to customers that subscribe to Time Warner Cable Internet.

Whenever people get on a mission to find a better service, they often find themselves over their heads in understanding the technical aspects of their search. Choices and more choices, it is so confusing to decide which plan is right for all your internet needs. If you are a novice and don’t understand all the fuss about speed, a customer specialist is only a phone call away and will help you decide which plan works for you. Time Warner Cable prides itself in customer service and has thousands of employees standing by to assist customers.

The speed of light has nothing on the download speeds that are available with your Time Warner Cable Internet Service. They have speeds that top DSL as much as 15 times faster. Download speeds pushing 50Mbps bring about a new concept in online activity and is able to support multiple users on multiple devices who perform a variety of tasks at the same time.

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There’s more to an internet services than the needs for speed. Now that everybody lives in such a busy world and their lives are spent buzzing in and out of the house, Time Warner Cable Internet has not only answered the need for speed, but they have figured out a way to keep customers connected even when they can’t be at home. In today’s society, folks need to be able to take their internet with them wherever they go. That’s where the Time Warner Cable 3G/4G network can supply the need by giving customers the ability to hook up to one of their wireless networks with WiFi hotspots when they need to get online.

Whenever it comes to internet service, important factors to consider include not only the things you do that need speed, but also the importance of the most suitable way to go online. It depends on your household requirements, the number of people that will be accessing the internet, where those people intend to access from, as well as the devices they intend to access with.

If your household has multiple users that may be connecting on multiple devices, WiFi service from Time Warner Cable Internet will supply your needs to support that. You’ll have the same super-speed service on up to 5 different wireless ready devices that include computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Connectivity from any room in the home with multiple users all doing what they need to perform online is what the service was designed to do.

It’s doubtful that any other facet of online activity is more important than having the peace of mind that all your files, passwords, identity, and devices are protected from intruders and internet threats.  The WiFi network provided by Time Warner Cable Internet service comes with a technologically enhanced firewall that is built-in, protecting your personal information and devices. The professionally installed wireless service is supplied utilizing the same digital TV connection already installed in your home.

Look as far as the stars, as deep as the sea, as wide as the universe, and you will never find a better means to stay connected to the information highway. You can only have the internet you really want at home and on the go with the reliability, flexibility, and freedom you get from Time Warner Cable Internet.

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